Welcome to the Ulu Wai Ministry at Nu‘uanu Congregational Church!  We are so excited to introduce you to this new ministry!  What does “ulu wai” mean?

ulu means “to grow;” wai means “water;”
ulu wai means “to overflow.” 

For us, what “ulu wai” means is that we are embarking on a ministry of caring for God's creation through our overflowing love.  Through this ministry, we seek to:

  • Care for the hungry – we will donate the food that we grow to organizations that work to alleviate hunger.
  • Care for the earth – we will educate the church and community on responsible use of our resources.
  • Care for our community – we will build our community as we work together on this ministry
  • Care for the next generations – we will model for the next generations how faith and mission is a way of life.

As Christians, we are claimed by God in the waters of baptism; and all that we do in ministry is a response to the covenant we make in baptism.  Through the Ulu Wai ministry, we invite all members and friends to overflow with the waters of baptism as we serve the world and grow together in mission and ministry. 

Here are two specific ways in which we enact Ulu Wai Ministry.  Click and find out!

Malama Aina…Malama Kanaka
Take care of the land and the land takes care of you